Chime on open door

I would love if there was a way to figure out how to create a “chime” sound when a door is opened.
It is already possible to perform an action on door open, I just don’t know how to create a program to make a sound on door open. I was thinking the siren could have a momentary activation to make a “chime”, but if there is a different device that could do this I would be willing to look into that. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

WambleJ - not sure if you noticed this suggestion (link) - post 9087.


I’m sorry, I thought my previous comment was buried so deeply it had been missed. I hadn’t seen your previous post. I will look it over and see if I can make something work from it. Thanks.

I like your suggestion:

  1. Use a Remotec ZFM-80US or similar device that can provide a Z-Wave controlled output (isolated relay)
  2. Use a single-note door entry chime like this. You might be able to fit 1) above inside the chime housing
  3. Connect the door bell button circuit of the door chime system to the relay outputs of the device in 1) above.

Looks like a $60 project.

You can use a ST app* (maybe “Close My Garage Door”) to send a virtual momentary button press to the device used in 1) above and it will in turn ding the chime.

I have a few follow up question.

  1. Is there a way to make this a standalone device without wiring it to house wiring?
  2. I assume the virtual momentary button press would require a little revision of the app. Or would I tell it that the relay is the “on/off light”?

Thanks again for the help. I like the idea.

Aeon labs claims to be coming out with a z-wave doorbell chime as well. But it looks like they announced it at the end of 2012 and they still do not have the product out.

It looks like Sonos may be a solution to this problem with the ST labs. Obviously not the cheapest solution but could have multiple functions which would be cool. Hopefully someone with a Sonos will check and post about this functionality!

I have a door sensor paired with ‘Sonos notify with Sound’ - the only issue is there is a 4-second delay between door opening and the chime on the speaker.
I assume it’s because the Sonos has to download the sound file from the cloud each time.
I wonder if a z-wave sired/alarm would have the same delay??

4 seconds is too long of a wait for a entry chime. I don’t understand how there isn’t an easy way to do this.

Yea, 4 seconds is quite a delay…I like the solution suggested using a zWave bridge but would like to not deal with a “hack” scenario and simply have the option of a ST enabled door bell with a specified notification single chime.