UK - Alarm Keypad? + General Questions

Afternoon all,

Firstly this is my first post, I’ve had the SmartThings setup for about 3 weeks now.
I have the starter kit and a Sonos 1:PLAY.

All works well (Mostly), sometimes it greets my partner’s Iphone home when she’s standing next to me out shopping.

Secondly, I think this is a known bug but no voice announcements or weather related apps work - including the smart alarm app that’s supposed to announce the date, weather, forecast and then play a song on my Sonos. Only works with just a song/radio etc.
One night it also announced a Door had opened for no reason at all, freaked the hell out of me.

Any help, suggestions on the above would be great - but what I really want to discuss is Alarms.
I want a Siren, but this system is already angering my partner - so it needs to work properly.

Are there any pads available? So we can use a Pin / Code to Arm/Disarm the system in case our phones die or a friend is entering the house whilst it’s Armed.

Any help on this would be great, I’ve looked at making one with an Arduino Shield but they’re illegal in the UK due to their power consumption apparently?

I get the system to detect presence of phone and fob to activate/deactivate alarm. It works perfectly that way without the need for custom code.

One good thing would be life360 integration so you can detect more mobile devices. Best of luck

You can look into the z-wave door locks from Yale - You can use a code on those to open the lock? In turn when the lock has been “unlocked” this would automatically deactivate the alarm system?

Not sure on how this would be set up… but its a pretty neat idea in my head?

However, currently you’d be hard pressed to find a device type and smart app already configured to do such a thing, so would need to look at either coding some your self or working with someone who’s able to code and likes the sound of the idea too.

Only other downside, the Yale locks cost anywhere between £250 and £500 each.

Actually, The device type and smart app to do exactly that already exist in the community.

The biggest problem is that smart home monitor doesn’t have a delay so that it’s very tricky to get the timing just right for the alarm not to go off before the “unlock” is processed.

There’s a community-created smart app, smart alarm, which is very popular and includes an optional 30 second delay to allow the person to take arm/disarm actions.

So when you combine those two, there are a lot of features that would cover the situations you’re discussing. :sunglasses:

Look for both Smart Alarm by @geko and Lock Code Manager by @ethayer in the community created smartapps section of the forum. Also @garyd9 has done a lot with lock code triggers.

Evening gents,

Thank you for your help and advice on this - an issue I’m having is that we have the PVC glazing doors, so normal locks won’t fit. Ideally I just want a pin pad on the wall in the hallway, could you possibly link me any products I can just buy online?

I’m struggling to find anything.

No keypads that I know of for the UK at the present time, but there is a small 4 button key fob that would work. You could mount it on the wall, but it is small and you may not like the look of it.

You would need @tgauchat 's pin pad smartapp to make it a secret combination.

You could also do the same thing with a minimote, but it’s also small.

Both of these are on the official “works with SmartThings” list for the UK.

Besides any aesthetic issues, both lack an indicator light to show “armed” or “unarmed” status.

So they will work for some households, but not for others.


I use the fob that @JDRoberts mentioned on my keys to set Goodbye and Away which in turn arms/disarms the alarm. Works a treat.


I’ve briefly looked into this and there really aren’t many options available for some reason?! The only current z-wave keypad I could find doesn’t seem to be available anywhere atm e.g.

Zipato Mini RFID/Z-Wave Keyboard @Amazon

However, I did find another one but it’s listed as coming soon:

Danalock Key-Pad

Last option I’m considering is to knock something up myself e.g. combine one of those generic security keypads with a Fibaro binary universal sensor.


That would work! (If you’ve got the technical knowhow!)

I’ve only brain stormed this with some googling but in theory, it shouldn’t be that hard to get basic functionality up and running:

  • A generic security keypad would already take care of inputting/remembering passwords then you just need to work out its wiring to trigger events.

  • Then you hook this up to a e.g. fibaro binary sensor, that monitors this and relay it back to ST.

  • The fibaro binary sensor isn’t supported by ST, but I’m hoping it might at least appear as something like a generic z-wave switch/button in ST, then you can just use this to toggle modes in ST…

Morning all,

Did some more digging today and came across a wireless Yale keypad, would I be able to hack this together?

It doesn’t state which wireless technology it uses though.

The fobs that @MrBenjaminHDM and @JDRoberts have suggested are a great idea, but don’t help me let friends/family into the house.

Compared to the US it seems we’re very restricted on products and apps. :frowning:

My next project is also to grab a motion sensor that will switch on external lights when triggered, but that should be quite straight forward. :smile:

Thanks again for all your help and support so far!

My idea on the The fobs was to mount them on the wall, perhaps in a small case, and use them just like a wall mount keypad. That way they would be available for visitors.

Technically, they would work just like a larger keypad. But aesthetically they might seem odd.

The Easy Fit keypad is a nice device, but unfortunately doesn’t speak a language that SmartThings understands. There’s no real way to hack them together.

Yale does make many devices that do speak the same language as SmartThings, so you could write to the company and ask them if they have plans to release a Z wave version. Or ask them if there’s a way to make it compatible with a Yale real living 240 Zwave lock. The answer would be instructive.

Our plan is to have a guest fob or give one of our fob to someone whilst we’re away. Anyway I have seen this product before:

Not sure how you’d implement is but I considered it before resigning to the key fob idea.

That’s a nice device as well.

The fob can only communicate directly with the wall pad. You would not be able to use any of the buttons on the fob to control other SmartThings activities. It’s using RFID.

The wall pad however, is also a certified Z wave device, and might be able to communicate with SmartThings. So that’s a very interesting possibility.

However, it’s a newer device and is using one of the new barrier control device classes “Entry control.” I don’t know if SmartThings has added support for that particular device class yet.

@Duncan this is a zwave “entry control” device using the “user code” as well as binary switch and alarm command sets. Do we have support for that?

@Tyler this would be an excellent device for the UK market. I don’t think they make it on the US zwave frequency.

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Yeah, shouldn’t be a problem to make a device type for it. It sounds like it works like a lock with no lock.


Hi all, I was thinking about something similar, but concluded it would be best to follow this example and just mount an old tablet on the wall

The dashboard is available here:

Unfortunately, it will not yet install outside the UK due to a ST bug, but I am hoping it will be fixed soon.

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It’s working in the UK now; in case readers of this Topic haven’t heard: Loading...

Meanwhile, for just a “PIN Entry” mechanism, check out my SmartApp that I just bug-fixed yesterday…

Thanks, it’s not working for me also, if I could add Water Valves to it, I’d be pretty much complete, other than that is working brilliantly.

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Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone had any luck getting the Zipato Mini RFID/Z-Wave Keyboard for Security Alarm/Alarm Setter, up to 20 Codes working with SmartThings?

FYI I just finished creating a device handler for this device (the Zipato RFID tag reader a.k.a. Benext / Wintop RFID tag reader). So far as I know, this is the only complete solution out there at the moment. It’s working well for me so far, and finally allows me to give house guests a way to disarm the security system (and allows me to disarm it if my phone is out of juice). The device looks like a switch on your network (home=off, away=on), which allows you to automate against it with regular SmartApps. You can register 9 RFID tags or user codes. Look in the readme file for instructions on how to get it working for you.

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