Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen)

Hi, is anyone know if the new Ring Keypad (2nd Gen) would be compatible with Smartthings & SHM ?

I like this new sleek design and would be perfect for my uses.
The price seems to be reasonable too.


Thanks !

The certification docs just got posted on the Z-wave alliance site

I wonder if someone like @RBoy has attempted integrating it? I have one now I’d like to use with ST.


Hey Jimmy, this device uses some classes not supported natively by SmartThings but we’ll be happy to make a custom device handler for it if enough folks want them. We just need to get a hold on one, right now it’s on pre order.

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Darn. Entry Control command class?

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I just got the Ring alarm gen 2 with this. I did not try pairing the keypad with smartthings but was unable to pair the gen2 contact sensors so i doubt it will add out of the box. I would be interested in anyone that could get the ring alarm and smartthings to coexist on the same Zwave network. I have tried adding ring as primary controller and st as secondary and st as primay and ring as secondary. the best luck i had was with ring as primary, it looked like st was at least aware of the devices on the network but could not controll or get status from them.

The gen 2 sensors will pair and working fine with SmartThings

Did you add with DSK barcode or scan for devices? Are they connected with S2? What was your pairing process? Maybe because i bought them with a ring base station they are tied with that(i tried putting them exclusion mode before)?

By default they go to Smart Start pairing mode. You have to hold the button on the front for ~4 seconds to get them in general pairing mode. Then you pair to ST and the ST app will ask you to scan the QR code.

I for one would be interested. I’ve been looking for a ZigBee keypad available up here in Canada to work with your device handler and having no luck. This Ring Alarm keypad is for sale here.

If anyone’s interested in BETA testing the integration you can PM me.

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Here’s the integration for the Ring Gen2 keypad

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Which button in the front? I can’t get it to pair to save my life.

Edit: should have read RBoy’s instruction’s more carefully. For anyone else who stumbles upon this… press and hold 1 until it blinks fast, use the Generic Z-Wave Device type when adding in the app, it will then ask you for a QR Code or DSK code. Worked perfectly for me.

And now with support for the 1st Gen keypad