Need Help: Ring DoorBell Pro

I have had a RingPro integrated for over a month and then the Ring stopped connecting to wifi. After a lot of troubleshooting, I got the RingPro back online and working. Then when I looked at smartthings the RingPro was not responsive so I removed it. I am now trying to re-add the RingPro to smartthings and it is not working.

I clicked add device, then add device manually button. It sees the Ring and I click Save. From that point, it just sits and spins “looking for devices”.

How can I get this connected again?

If you use the Classic app, go to the Automation tab > SmartApps and look for Ring (Connect).

Ok, I just did that and it is listed there, but when I go to My Home, it is not there and I cannot get it to show up. It used to be there before I deleted it.

Try deselecting it in the Ring (Connect) app and save. Then go back and select it and save again. Then check in add a device.

When I deselect it and save, it automatically checks it when I open it back up. Should I remove the connect thing in smartapps and then try to re-add?

Worth trying :slight_smile:

Ok, it took a very long time, but it finally came back. That was strange. Thanks for the help.