UK - Ring Doorbell/Doorbell Pro, camera as motion detector

Yes I did some search on this forum but wondering if more people can confirm of maybe highlight some potential issues.

I’m going to start my smart home setup with smarttings, did some reading and already know, my current nest devices are useless. Well they working well but i cant integrate them with smarttings, (thanks google :confused:)

I’m located in UK, my plan is to use Ring Doorbell as motion and person detector on my driveway, to trigger my driveway and porch lights.
Its important to me, to trigger lights on person detection once person will be detected on zone.

Can anyone confirm is this possible just with smartings v3 hub, or I will need some custom drivers or so. Thanks in advance.

I’m in the u.s. and yes I use my motion light & doorbell to trigger my inside lights to go on. I read here somewhere that one of the ring doorbell models do.not work with smartthings. My guess would be the battery power one. @JDRoberts should be able ro.answer this better.

There is an official SmartThings/Ring integration, but it doesn’t work with all models. Or all firmware versions of some models.

I originally thought it might be battery vs hardwired but it turns out to be more complicated than that, and it’s not easy to figure out before the device is installed because the firmware version isn’t listed on the box, :scream:

So lots of people have had Ring products working well with SmartThings for years, but some people who have more recent purchases have had problems. Hopefully more people will join the discussion who have recent experience.

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I have the original hardwire version which is abou3 years old. My flood light is a year old. Both worked out of the box with smartthings. Maybe a call to ring would help.

If you’re talking about the firmware issue, both smartthings and ring engineering are aware of it, it’s just not clear what the solution will be.

Thanks All, I hope more people will have something to say, for now I’m happy I did start this discussion. My plan was to buy second hand ring doorbell pro, as I have all wiring for nest hello and I can reuse it.

Is there any list of what version of Ring firmware causing problem with smarttings as I could ask sellers before I buy anything.?

I have a v2, on battery, been working fine in ST for 2 years.

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Good news, it looks like the problem I referred to has been resolved.