Ring doorbell pro changed the last days. No longer useable

Button pushed stopped a couple of days ago.
The way motion is reported changed at the same time.
Now motion is not sent to smartthings either.
Whats up? Anyone else seen this ?

I rarely look at my Ring Pro on ST but yes, last activity showing on Wed. May 24th like your screen print. I know the mailman delivered a package and pressed the doorbell button yesterday Thursday May 25th and shows on my Ring Pro app log

@einars My Ring Pro appears to show everything in SmartThings. I did have a case yesterday that the doorbell was rung (my chime rang) but nothing registered with Ring or SmartThings.

Did the aperance on icon for move change like mine did on the picture?

Tested the doorbell now, and whopps it works again.
But some changes must have been done, either on ST or RING side.

I’ve always had the issue with my integration that it says {{displayName}} was rung. displayName never populates. In any case, the icon colors did change with the latest DTH release Tuesday.

Probably a coincidence, but my Ring Pro dropped it’s wifi connection a few days ago, and since reconnecting it, it’s not capturing video (black screen),not triggering my CoRE pistons, etc. I’m going to recheck my wiring this weekend because my Voltage is reporting below 4k mV when it typically just indicates “Very Good”. But perhaps this isn’t a hardware issue.

Seeing this as well.

As of this morning my Ring Pro door bell no longer says {{displayName}} it shows the device name. I guess somebody fixed something.

We got a winner.
Thx for the info.

Yup like 17 hours ago for me. See Doorbell now. Never really paid attention