Ring Spotlight Cam wired not discoverable in Smartthings

I purchased the ring doorbell pro and it came up in smartthings without a problem. Then I purchased the spotlight cam wired and I can’t get it to show up in the ST app no matter what I try.

That model is not currently supported. :disappointed_relieved: There are two versions. The original version was supported, the new version is not yet working. And it doesn’t appear to be obvious from the box which version you get, but I’m assuming since you just bought it that you got the newer one.

See the following discussion (The topic title is a clickable link.)

Engineering had been recently working on a fix, so the best thing would be to check with support and see what the current status is.

I checked with ST last week. They said to check with Ring. I don’t know who to talk to.

I had called ring yesterday, but the L1 person was clueless and didn’t know where to escalate to.

Has anyone been able to get there ring cam wired to work with smartthings? I have had my cam installed for months but just got around to trying to integrate it into st with no luck.

Anyone have any further insights on this?

What an absolute joke, feel like I’ve wasted 200 quid and hours of my time to find out there is two versions of the same spot light cam and one isnt supported. Ring is going down in my books rapidly

My Ring flood light seems to now be recognized under the app now.

I just tried again, and it’s not showing up.

I’ve just begun migrating from Wink 2 hub to SmartThings v3 hub. So far everything is working well. However, when I add my Ring cameras, only the two Stick Up cams outdoors show up in SmartThings. My Spotlight Cam Wired doesn’t show up, even though SmartThings has that available as a selection when adding devices. My goodness, even Wink saw the Ring Spotlight cam and I could trigger lights based on motion that the cam detected. Not happy.

I have spoken to ST support and SmartThings have said that an update is expected in May that will allow integration of all Ring Products. So far that is the date and it looks on track. Fingers crossed its only a few weeks away

I hope that’s true.

SmartThings have indeed released an update. All ring cams should now work.
You must remove all previous ring devices, remove the linked service and then re authorise it

So delete & reinstall?

Hi. This is the email word for word……

Garrett Kranz (SmartThings)

May 6, 2021, 7:45 AM MST


My name is Garrett Kranz and I work on the Global Operations Team at Samsung SmartThings.

Recently, you were in contact with us regarding the use of a previously unsupported model of Ring Camera. I’m reaching out to let you know that the new version of the Ring Integration with SmartThings went live yesterday, and switching over to this new version will enable support of all presently available Ring Camera models.

To do so, use the following steps:

  1. Open SmartThings.
  2. Click on the main Menu in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Click on the gear/cog Settings icon.
  4. Click on “Linked Services.”
  5. Swipe on Ring to reveal a “Delete” option.
  6. Delete Ring (note this will remove the devices from SmartThings, affecting Automations or Scenes you may have created for them).
  7. Once Ring is deleted, you simply go about re-adding it through the Home screen > “+” > “Device” > “Ring” flow. It will add using the latest version and discover all devices on your Ring Account.

Thanks for your patience while we worked with Ring to create this new Integration version. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help out.


Garrett Kranz
Technical Support Engineer, Samsung SmartThings

Follow this and it will work.
Can also create camera groups in the app and view them on your samsung tv and family hub fridge if you have them :muscle:t2:

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Did you reset everything already & it works?

It should, please let us know if this is not your experience and we can have a look.

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Ok I’ll try it. Thanks :grinning::grinning:

I just tested on my battery stick up cam and it works! I can now view my cam feed in SmartThings! This is huge news for many Ring owners and should be posted on the various threads for Ring support.

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Agreed its great

@garrett.kranz this should be advertised more on socials. Its a great pull for current ring owners and people looking to get a camera system with ST
Yet its been kept quiet unlike the updates around Arlo.
Likewise Ring should be saying “works with Smartthings”