Ring Doorbell Pro live video feed in ST appeared and disappeared

It‘s too bad I didn‘t take a screenshot, because I know I am going to get a ton of comments like „live video is not supported in ST“ or „it is not possible since Ring have closed the access to live video“.
But, I swear yesterday when I opened my ST App on iPhone and opened the Ring DTH all of the sudden I had a live video feed and the „Ready“ icon was at the bottom left instead of center stage. Now, today it is back to the way it was before without live video.

Please, before people start saying I am a liar. This is totally true and I am suspecting that ST is testing live video in the DTH and potentially published it by acccident. At the time yesterday I just thought this was implemented silently and didn‘t expect it to be removed. So, I didn‘t think of taking a screenshot for proof.

So, if anybody at ST is listening here, can we expect the live video feed to be published again? This would be really cool.


There’s a post
in the FB group about this as well with screenshots. I don’t see a live video feed but I have a v1 hub which might be the culprit. I also have a Ring Doorbell 2 as opposed to a Ring Pro.

I saw it too! Then I checked at work yesterday and it was gone! I also had motion detection showing if there was activity or not.

It’s a mystery :slight_smile:

I read somewhere (FB Group perhaps?) that it was deployed but bugs were found so it was pulled and will be back once the bugs are squashed

You’re not going crazy, I saw it too. I tapped the play button, but it didn’t show the feed unfortunately.

It will be back. I got screen shots


Yes, that is what I saw. And live video did work for me. I was totally stoked and disappointed when it disappeared.
But, good to know that others noticed. So, I’m hopeful that it was just bugs that caused them to pull it. Then there is hope they fix the bugs and release again.

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PLEASE! Make it work.

Yup it was confirmed on the Smartthing FB group

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It is working now, but it is not stable

I noticed it this morning on my app. Wish they would get the rest of the Ring line added.

Nothing changed here yet. Did you have to do anything to me the new version show up?

No. I was just going through my devices, one by one, to make sure everything was working and to check battery status and noticed it. No updates to the app at all.


I have the live video option showing as well…I got a livestream error the first time but it worked on the second. :slight_smile:


working for me too. cool.

Definitely not stable.

Working for me too. Second attempt to connect worked. I have a similar success rate when I tell alexa to show the Ring stream on my FireTV.

One nitpick… choosing full screen only displays in portrait mode. You can’t rotate your phone to landscape orientation and get a full screen of video. This might be a limitation with the ST app?

Does anyone know if this enhancement to the DTH will allow new automation possibilities? For example, could it possibly allow us to record the stream when motion is detected?

This is also the case with other cameras afaik - at least the Samsung (‘compatible’) one I have. You were able to flip it to landscape in a much older version of ST, but that capability went for some reason (at least in Android).