Ring Doorbell integration

I just bought a new Ring doorbell (1080p Wi-Fi Video Wired and Wireless Smart Video Door Bell Camera, Works with Alexa, Satin Nickel (2nd Gen)

I use the SmartThings app and add the device, authorize the connection to Ring then I get the error
Your Ring account does not report any supported devices installed. Check your Ring account.
Tap ‘Done’ to exit installation.

The doorbell works in the Ring app. Does anyone know how to get this to work properly in SmartThings?

I also have the exact same issue. I’m using one the US model Smartthings hub, and I’ve been wondering if that could be the issue.

Same problem with Ring Doorbell 2nd Gen. I called Samgsung Smartthings customer service and they said it was a bug and not sure when it would be fixed.

I’m getting this error message too. Has anybody heard anything more on when it will be fixed?