Ring video doorbell smart things

Hi I just bought the doorbell v2 and I can’t get it to work with smart things can someone make a video or help please
Thank you

If it isn’t adding from the + menu then it’s a SmartThings problem, not you. Certain newer generations, even with the same model, don’t work with SmartThings.

Is there no way of a work around with ide

Unfortunately no

I complained on the ring community forum & they responded by saying check the app but most devices work with smartthings. That’s why I held of buying anything new from ring. They basically blew me off & I responded in kind.

My advice, if arlo works with smartthings now, because they have been working on that integration, return the ring & buy arlo & let ring know you returned their product & will not purchase any other ring products. Use your wallet & be vocal on the forum.

Eventually there will be a smart hub that works with video devices… just dont know who.