Ring doorbell automatation with tasker / sharptools

Hi all.

I have written a post to the following thread

However this may now be a closed thread because it’s over a year old.

I have researched for hours and hours and still I cannot get this to work.

All I want to do is basically get my tablet to automatically open live feed video from my ring video doorbell (I have doorbell 2) whenever the button is pressed,

I have downloaded and paid for sharptools, and tasker.

There is no actual explanation or step by step to get this up and running and cannot find anything online.

Once I downloaded the relevant apps. First I go to smartthings, and authorise sharptools.

Then I open sharptools and authorise front door which is my ring doorbell. The I long press on front door (still in sharptools) and subscribed to button press

Then I open tasker and create new event, choose plugin, choose sharptools, then choose state.
Then I choose new task and launch app then choose ring.

From everything I’ve read, this is what need a to be done, but there is no actual step by step instructions to do this, only one or two sentenced replied saying do this and this but not actually explaining how to get it done.

From the link I’ve posted above, Rajeev made a YouTube video that was over 30 mins long and I have watched every second of it, it’s a detailed video and has helped however, again, there is no explanation on what steps need to be taken to enable tasker and sharptools and smartthings to all work together all that when my doorbell is pressed , I instantly get a live feed video from it showing on my tablet.

Please please please can somebody help me!! If there are so many that have been able to do it, please reply and share your knowledge so I can get this up and running.

All I want to do is see an instant live view of the doorbell when it’s pressed.

I even bought a fire tv stick in the hope smartthings would be able to launch the video feed straight on my tv, but that doesn’t work either unless I physically say to Alexa to show me my front door cam.
I can go into smartthings and create an automation to change my tv source to fire tv stick when the button is pressed but this just opens the home screen and not the video feed

Just like Rajeev, I want it completely automated without the need to press or say anything.

Many thanks in advance. I will really appreciate anybody who can help.


I don’t have an answer, but you might try posting over in the Sharptools community. There are many pretty knowledgeable users there.

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I don’t either, but I skimmed over some of it and I think you need an app called automateit or something to assist i that as well, so when you do get a threshold hit of a notification, it will open up the ring app.

Most people are using the app automateit to do this through actiontiles


The following article may be helpful to you:

It sounds like you took the basic steps to get things up and running. It’s not clear to me what you used for the Thing State configuration though. Have you shared a screenshot or details of that?

Have you tried manually running the task to make sure it opens the app when run manually?

You may also want to enable Push Event Debug Notifications in SharpTools and add in some Alert > Flash or Alert > Notify messages to make sure the push events are coming through from Ring/SmartThings.

I was under the impression that Ring added the option back to their app to have it automatically open the video feed when the doorbell was pushed. Have you tried that?

I would also note that Tasker is an advanced app that requires a decent amount of configuration. There isn’t a one size fits all configuration, so you’ll find yourself reading the docs either built into Tasker, Tasker Plugins, or on the web. Feel free to tag me if you have any questions about SharpTools or shoot an email to support@sharptools.io

You can find more SharpTools Tasker related docs built into the app by tapping the :grey_question: icon on most configuration pages or at:


If the feature built in to the Ring app doesn’t work, I would think you could accomplish this in Tasker directly (without SmartThings or SharpTools Tasker plugins) by watching for the Ring notification and reacting to that. I do something similar at my dad’s place to get an audible notification to play over his speakers.