Can SmartThings launch another app on my Android device?

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I just bought a Ring Video Pro doorbell, wired it up, and installed the Ring app on my Android tablet. This is a Samsung Galaxy Tab that will be mounted permanently near the front door, so we can see who is on the other side of the door. The scenario I’m trying to enable is … when somebody rings the doorbell, I would like the Ring app to automatically launch so the video feed is showing. Currently, the Ring app doesn’t launch automatically (even though it’s running in the background). Their response is that you would have to either leave their app on top all the time (which is not a solution since we use this tablet for many other things), or when the doorbell rings, you have to run to the tablet and be quick enough to tap on the alert/notification in order to launch the Ring app and view the video feed. If neither of those things happen, then you have to resort to tapping the Home button and then launching the Ring app from the home screen. All this, just to see who’s at the door. Ugh. I really want this to be totally hands-free. When the doorbell rings, the video feed pops up automatically, without me having to do anything, regardless of the state of the Android tablet.

Is there a way to use SmartThings to enable this scenario? In other words, can I create an automation in SmartThings that says, “When the doorbell rings, launch the Ring app.”?


I think you can do this via Sharptools and Tasker if you can capture the doorbell ring either via an integration in ST somewhere or by other means. I’m not familiar with Ring to suggest a way to catch the event.

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Tasker should be able to do this since it does give you an alert push notification.

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I use MacroDroid. I set it to open the Ring app automatically when I receive a motion or doorbell notification, then go back to the home screen after a minute. Tried it on Tasker first, but for some reason it didn’t work for me.


I have a nearly identical setup to what you are describing. I use tasker, your trigger will be a notification event from the ring app. I then have tasker launch the ring app and say “activity at the front door”

Thanks everyone for the suggestions … I really appreciate it, and you guys are awesome.

David_Van, I tried doing what you suggested and couldn’t get it to work. I created a profile in Tasker, where the context (trigger) was “Notifications from the Ring app”. But my profile never got triggered, even after pressing the doorbell button. I must be doing something wrong, or I just don’t understand Tasker well enough yet.

eibyer and Brian … I was able to install Tasker and SharpTools (paid for both), and create a Tasker profile that gets triggered whenever the “state” of my doorbell “Smart Thing” changes. The task then launches the Ring app. That seems to work most of the time. Sometimes, though, the Ring app crashes when it is launched in this way, which is unfortunate.

Just for future generations, I made a video detailing my experiences with Ring. The part about Tasker begins at about 22:15.

Thanks again.

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Make sure you leave the parameters of the notification event blank (you can use these to differentiate between a motion event or button press). Also check your permissions for tasker you may need to enable system administrator rights.

How do you guys control the ring app to load into Live View mode? I followed your instructions and indeed, the ring app starts, but I am at the summary page with the button to the Live View mode. In other words, one more step is needed to make this work for me as shown in your video.

Finally, is it possible to get the same behavior when the phone/tablet is locked and requires password before proceeding?

Typically when you open the app immediately after the notification the video starts streaming, not sure why that isn’t the case with you. You can use a plugin for tasker called “auto input” to select the live stream button. Auto input can also be used to unlock the phone at the lock screen (If it doesn’t have a passcode).

yeah, doesn’t happen in my case. My ring doorbell app opens on the ALL Activity page. Super weird.
Is this perhaps some configuration issue? Also, does it matter whether this is opened on the phone or tablet?
Thus far I have tried only on my phone.

I will check the “AutoInput” plugin. I am not familiar with it.

This is your fix. Open your ring app, select the doorbell you are trying to view. Once in there, open the gear on the top right hand corner. From there, enable Alerts Open Fullscreen Video. This is the fix for the issue you are describing

Hi All

I would really appreciate a reply to this post.

I have been researching for hours and hours to get this to work.

Ranjeev I even watched your video every second over 30 minutes long, but there is no explanation of how you set up tasker.

I have paid for and downloaded sharptools and tasker, and I have been messing with the apps enabling different functions and creating different events and profiles relating to the ring app but for the life of me I cannot get the full screen ring video to open when my doorbell is pressed!

All I am asking for is a step by step instruction for sharptools and tasker.

Sharptools I have given permission for smartthings and subscribed all items and paid for the app.

Tasker I have gone to event create, plugin, sharptools, thing state, name Front door, attribute left blank, saved, then application add launch app, ring.

When I press the doorbell nothing happens

Really need some help please as I see others do too but nobody that gets this working actually wants to share the instruction on how this worked.

Thanks in advance for your help


You don’t need Tasker or Sharptools or anything else. The Ring app does this natively as described above.

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Thank you for your reply, but this does not work. I have had this setting enabled for months and it had never opened automatically when my doorbell is pressed. I’m using the app on a tablet, with no security so it should open automatically with the alerts open a FULL screen video function, but this does not, nor has it ever worked.

All I get is a notification drop down saying someone is at the door, the app doesn’t open or show me video automatically.

Yup, same here. That setting within the Ring app did not work for me either. Sorry, I’m slammed right now and out of town, and can’t write down a step-by-step list of instructions until at least January. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

Hi Rajeev

I appreciate your reply and I understand you are just right now. I myself work 60+ hours per week so my time is also limited.

If you do get 5 minutes to screenshot your tasker event or are able to explain it when you have a few minutes, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks

Thank you for your reply david however the link is invalid, error 404. I copied and pasted too and didn’t work

Here is a screenshot of my Tasker profile.