Nest hello doorbell facial recognition unlock door

This morning I got my nest doorbell to unlock my door when it recognized my face.

I used tasker, notification listener and sharptools

1st I taught nest doorbell to recognize my face.
2nd I have notification listener read the notification sent by nest in my case (John is at the front door)
if the word John is in the notification from nest, a task is ran from tasker using sharptools to unlock my front door.

Im sure many will point out the security flaws in this, I basically did it just to see if it was possible.
I did it 2 ways…letting the doorbell just see me (without me pressing it) the delay was about 10 seconds .

when i pressed the doorbell the notification gets sent much faster and only took about 3 seconds.

The idea came to me when i was using tasker to pull up a bigger view in Action Tiles on which camera noticed activity.

Again I’m sure there are many downsides to this I was just seeing if i could be done and wanted to share.


That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing your SharpTools use case!

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Thanks for sharing!

I want to have the ability to turn on lights if someone rings my Nest Hello or if motion is detected in a specific zone. I think this may be the solution?

But I don’t have any android devices but I do have a Mac that runs 24/7. Any emulator I can use?

I don’t know of an emulator for Mac. I was just thinking you might be able to accomplish something like you want using Nest manager and webCoRE. I’m pretty sure nest manager can detect camera motion, and pass that to webCoRE?!?!?

or get a old cheap android phone/tablet that can run tasker and SharpTools and leave that plugged in

what I liked about SharpTools and tasker, is i can have the events filtered buy whats in the notification from Nest. I have a zone setup in my Camera called sidewalk and another called road. if i get a notification like motion road from nest that is ignored but if the notification has the word sidewalk in it then the task can run.
I also THINK? in tasker using SharpTools you can further restrict the task from running depending on what mode Smartthings is in. In your case I’m guessing you wouldn’t want your light to come on while in day mode but would want it to come on while in night mode

wish i could be more help.

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Can you upload screenshots of the config for tasker/sharptools/notification listener. I just got the emulator running on my Mac but unsure about the specifics of the setup.


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I am unable to select my location on SharpTools…it simply crashes when I try to select it.

Any other way?

Nevermind…I changed my emulator from Nox to Bluestack and got it working. Now need to finish the setup.

I’m in no way an expert on SharpTools or Mac I suggest you reach out to @joshua_lyon

If you want to send me the logs, I’d be happy to take a look. If it’s literally crashing when you tap the drop-down under the “From” field in the screenshot, then it might be the emulator itself which is crashing since that’s a webview (hosted by the underlying Android OS).

As @johnosstyn mentioned, it might be easier just to pick up a cheap Android phone. You can pick up a cheap phone for under $50 if it’s just going to be used for Tasker automations.

It looks like nox is an emulator for gaming purposes, so if that’s causing the issue, you might try a different emulator. I’ve used both Genymotion and the official Android Emulator on Windows PCs with good results in the past.

This is my setup…so if my Nest notifications contains “spotted” it will toggle the simulated “Nest Hello Motion” switch in ST. And if the notification contains “door” it will toggle the simulated “Nest Hello Ring”. I will then use WebCore to detect when the virtual switch changes and toggle the lights only at night (between sunset and sunrise).

Does SharpTools support a simulated button? I am currently using a virtual switch but a simulated button would make the setup cleaner.

I am going to test out the setup when I get home but here are some screenshots from the emulator. @johnosstyn would you able to confirm if this looks right?

When Nest Hello Detects Motion:

When someone Rings Doorbell

Thanks for your help!

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As long as the device has one of the supported capabilities shown in the authorization screen, then you can authorize it in SharpTools. If your Simulated Button doesn’t have a supported capability, you can either add a switch capability to the DTH or use a Simulated Switch and have webCoRE turn the switch off once it has taken its desired action.

Edit: The currently supported capabilities during authorization are: switch, motionSensor, lock, alarm, thermostat, mediaController, musicPlayer, speechSynthesis, colorControl, valve, contactSensor, waterSensor, presenceSensor, temperatureMeasurement

I’ve been playing with this and found a better way. In the notification listener leave everything blank except the app you are using (in your case nest)

Then set the filter in the if statement of your task.

Note I put * on each side of the word I’m looking for
I. E. john


NOTE… use %nltext is you are searching for that word in the text of your notification use %nltitle if you are searching for your word in the title of your notification

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Do you know how I can limit the actions to only my Nest Hello’s? I have two of them. I have other Nest cams and don’t want into to react when a different one spots a person.

I’m not sure I’m doing this right or not, but in this case I have Tasker only responding to my nest cam in the driveway. The camera is named driveway and I put the filter in notification listener. Again not sure if this is the correct way but it does work.

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Anybody have any ideas on how to do this without Android. We are an iPhone house and I have a Nest Hello and have been trying to figure out how to trigger routines and pistons with the facial recognition.


Great idea! However, I must warn you base on my experience, Nest facial recognition isn’t super reliable.
I do hope they will release their camera API soon, which need to include the confidence index.

I will only open the door if it is 90% confident by the algorithm, since this is my front door…

This is exactly the functionality I’m looking for.

I was looking at Nest Hello and Schlage Connect with Zware.

Do i need both Tasker and Sharptools? Does sharptools need to connect or run with smarthings hub?

I don’t exactly understand what i would need with the Schlage Connect lock a Zware hub or Smartthings hub? Would these allow me to configure Nest Hello to unlock the door based on family members coming?


Hello,Does this method still work?

I was going to buy a Nest Hello and Schlage Connect lock (use with smartThings Hub)

And was hoping to have Nest Hello do a few things when people or specific people are identified.

Turn lights on, Unlock door (family Faces)

So other than the above hardware and Tasker and Smart Tools anything else needed?

I was able to accomplish this yesterday using my android phone, IFTTT, Smartthings, August Lock, and Nest Hello.

My August Lock is in my Smartthings account as a Lock device that can be unlocked.
I taught the Nest Hello to recognize me as a familiar face.
I then created an IFTTT applet that looked for a notification on my android device from Nest filtered by my name and uses the Smartthings integration to unlock the door.

It basically follows the same process as John’s original post, but I’m more familiar with IFTTT so I tried with that. The big limitation for me is the android device requirement.

I’ll be working with WebCoRE to add more conditions to it (presence sensors, motion, door status, etc) to further improve accuracy, but for me it looks like the trigger will continue to be IFTTT.