Control Android From SmartThings

I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything with the search. Is there a way to control an Android device with SmartThings?

For example, right now I have an IFTTT recipe that when my presence is detected by SmartThings, turn my ringer back on. I’d like to cut out the middle man, and just do this with SmartThings itself.

you might be able to do this with tasker and sharptools


Thanks! I’ll start there!

@PurelyNicole it looks like @sidjohn1 pointed you in the right direction with SharpTools and Tasker.

If you want to react to things on your phone whenever attributes change in SmartThings, you’ll probably want to use the ‘Thing State’ event plugin. Feel free to PM me or mention me (@joshua_lyon) if you need help with SharpTools as I’m the developer. :smile:

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