Ring video doorbell 2

I have read everyone post on how to intergrate ring video doorbell with tasker and smart things so it can automatic open but I cant do it can some one please help me and give a step by step example on how to do this. I am not a computer wizard so please be patient with me. I have a 7 inch tablet I would like to mount on the wall for this.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve here or maybe how it relates to SmartThings.

Can you describe to us exactly what you want to happen when your RVD2 is triggered and maybe we can provide some suggestions :slight_smile:

when either motion are the doorbell is pushed I would like for the app to automatic launch instead of having to tap on the noticfication icon.to view who Is at the door

after some light googling… https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/tasker/avJu9oLe41c

Technically I don’t think this is possible with stock Android, (if that’s what you’re using), rooted Android might allow it but I don’t think any application is allowed to just pop to right to the front without some sort of user interaction.

That being said, if you’re IN the Ring app with the screen unlocked and you get a notification, it will just jump straight into the live view.

It is possible with stock Android using tasker. See OP and link I posted above :point_up:

tried and still cant get it to open


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That conversation seems to imply still tapping the notification/notify? Maybe I’m understanding it wrong.

Yes but tasker is automatically “tapping” the notification for you.

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I must have missed something on the video because it still don’t work

You’ll probably have better luck on a Tasker forum, someone there can help you troubleshoot your issues better than I could.

I will try that and thanks so much for the help

Does anyone have a suggestion for what Tasker forum to use? … I found a number of them. Thanks

I don’t have a favorite I usually just Google search and go with the one that looks relevant, most of the time its XDA.