Ring Contact Sensor Handler?

I was given a ring contact sensor gen 2 and have read in places that they work within ST. Is there a certain device handler needed?

I have tried scanning the QR, I have tried just letting the old and new app search for generic devices etc. Nothing is found. I also reset the contact sensor a few times as well.

Anyone that can help would be appreciated of course.


You may have to do a general exclusion first to clear out any old network information. Then it should add as a generic zwave contact sensor.

Also note that the smartthings hub does not yet support “ smartstart“ so you will have to follow the “classic“ methods as detailed in the sensor manual.

I was able to add it into ST once I changed it into classic inclusion.

Unfortunately the sensor just shows as open and does not respond or close. I checked and tried different device types within the IDE and nothing got it closed and responding.

Any ideas…

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :rage: Hopefully someone who does have these working with smartthings will add to the thread.

I got them to work. I added the Ring Contact Sensor by scanning the QR code in the new app. Then follow the steps, keeping the sensor within 6inches of the hub, and scanning the QR code again for encryption. Once connected, go into IDE and change the device handler to Z-wave Plus Door/Window Sensor.

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