Ring Contact Sensor Handler?

Just wanted to say that the instruction above, including using the IDE to create a new controller, worked well for me. I’m not sure I’m getting accurate battery information, but will see over time.


I was able to follow the instructions and add in my Ring z-wave devices to Smartthings by changing the event handler in IDE. Now it tells open / closed. However, the battery readings in both of these devices are showing 0% even though they are both clearly not dead as they do indicate open / closed. Plus, I literally took them out of the new packaging and pulled the tabs to activate them 5 minutes ago.

Is there a way to get a more accurate battery reading (aka not 0%) or, because we are jamming the Ring devices in the Smartthings ecosystem, this is just the way it is?

Thanks and sorry for adding on to an older thread. I just felt like this was the best place to ask as the topic was relevant.

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Thanks. Above was very helpful. I had struggled to get SMS from the “Left It Open” smartapp afterwards though.
Posting the below also in case it can prevent anyone from struggling unnecessarily like I did.
Seems at one point when switching over to the new Smartthings months earlier, I never allowed my carrier to send my Samsung Alerts. Thankfully, I saw this article in reddit.

These steps worked great for me. I then went into IDE and changed the device to a Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor. Good to go!

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Will the Ring contact sensor still pair with my Ring alarm after being added to ST? I plan on switching to Gen 2 contact sensors on a few doors if this works.

No. You either pair it to the ring base station or you pair it to a smartthings/Aeotec hub, not both. And only the sensors paired to the ring base station can be used to trigger their alarms.

But if you don’t want to use it with the ring security system, it’s a good relatively inexpensive Zwave sensor to use with smartthings.

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