Can you recommend good contact sensor, and garage door opener?

Hey guys, I’ve been using Smartthings v2 for quite a number of years with a mix of sensors. Some of them are Xiaomi branded due to their price esp when I just got started.

However recently these have given me a lot of trouble. (contact sensor, water leak sensor and smoke detector)

Therefore I am looking for some better contact sensors esp.

Also since myQ no longer directly supports ST, so I am looking for an alternative as well.

I am leaning towards Zwave products as I find them more reliable than zigbee in general. (I have a mix of both)

How about Ring Alarm door sensor, and GoControl zwave garage opener?


There has never been an official integration between ST and MyQ (or at least I don’t believe there was). There has been a community developed method that has been ported to Edge but now requires a PI or other always on PC or server, etc. :

another alternative to MyQ ---- Door Remote + Relay + Tilt Sensor + Virtual Garage Door:

Meross garage door opener: MSG100 and MSG200

A little more on the relay and button solution. I’m a fan!

I like Meross devices and have a number of them, but I don’t use the garage door opener.

It’s important to know that unlike most Meross devices, this one does not have UL certification, because it does not meet the safety requirements of UL 325.

MyQ is UL certified, as are the zwave GoControl garage door opener, Telgard, and a few more. (Selection varies depending on country).

The UL325 standard has a section specific to app controlled garage door openers that requires a flashing light and audible beep when the door is being operated remotely. This is to make sure that anyone present in the garage knows that the door is going to close.

Some people may prefer the Meross opener specifically because it doesn’t have that beep, but it is part of the UL standard.

There are some homeowners associations that do require that any garage door opener be UL listed, so that’s something to be aware of. In addition, if you are renting to people who will be using that garage door, you may be required to use a UL listed control mechanism.

So it’s just something to be aware of.


I use the Genie garage door opener (model 7155) with the Aladdin Connect app.
It works great with Smartthings

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