Ring 2 Video Doorbell - no doorbell button pressed trigger

I cannot create an automation based on someone ringing my doorbell.

Using SmartThings app for Android. I have linked my Ring 2 video doorbell. When creating automations involving the doorbell, the only triggers available are “Motion Detected” and “Battery”. There is no “button pressed” trigger.
The doorbell shows up in SmartThings as using controller version

Any ideas?

I have the Pro version and can select the button pressed capability in Automations, so it could just be a device handler update SmartThings/Ring needs to do for the Ring 2. You might want to contact support and let them know about this.

That could be the answer. When I am adding the device in SmartThings, after I select “Ring” as brand and then choose “doorbell” when asked if I’m adding a camera or doorbell, I click a “Supported devices” button. When I click this, the only items shown are Video Doorbell and Video Doorbell Pro, but no “Ring Video Doorbell 2”

Actually, I think I got it figured out. I added the device to smartthings as if it were a video doorbell pro (while adding device, clicked “supported devices”, chose “Video Doorbell Pro”.) Now there is a “pressed” trigger available when creating an automation.

I got the idea to set it up as though it were a Pro model from Does Smartthings Integrate with the Ring Video Doorbell 2


You can switch to Regular Doorbell now and also have battery reporting. With Pro there is no battery as is hardwired only, and you’ll still have button pressed trigger

This is how doorbell 2 looks with Pro, no battery reporting

Oddly enough, I have my Doorbell 2 set as a Pro and can see battery level when looking in the event list within the IDE.

I have Doorbell 2 and I still don’t have “Button Pressed” trigger. I’ve also changed it to “Pro” in the Smartthings web app (also added it as Pro using Supported Devices), but I still don’t get button pressed trigger in the Automation. Can somebody help me with this?