Ring Doorbell no longer has buttons, only motion sensor?

Hey all!

I was reviewing my webCoRE pistons today and realized my “turn on porch lights after dark if doorbell is pushed” was showing some long and convoluted hash instead of the doorbell name in the IF statement - so I first check to make sure the Ring Doorbell is still in my SmartThings hub - check! Then I make sure the Ring device is still talking to SmartThings by grabbing a screenshot through the camera - check! Then I go to webCoRE “Available Devices” to make sure it’s still added there… and that’s where I’m stumped. It’s not available as either an actuator nor a sensor, but under “Capability Group 2”, I can add it as a motion sensor, but not as a button or switch or anything else.

Was there some sort of feature change/handler change in the last six weeks? I added this Ring Doorbell last year and the piston back in January, and haven’t made any changes to my Ring setup since then.

The ring integration was updated a couple of months ago. Go to linked services. Delete the integration and add it again through the device screen.

These are the current options:

There’s a chance the new ring integration won’t work correctly with webcore. If that’s the case, you should try to create the automation using the automation creator in the app.

:joy: So the new integration is still screwed up. There is no way all those options should be showing. Should only be the “pressed” option.

I had to give the double-tap a try anyway…

mehh… nothin’

There’s a chance the new ring integration won’t work correctly with webcore.

I’m afraid this is the case. I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the integration twice this afternoon with no different result - however, I can access these events in the native automation creator, but all of my automations currently exist in webCoRE soooooo

Well I guess you have a head start on the job of moving everything out of webCoRE eventually :slightly_smiling_face:


I recently changed from Ring 3, to Ring pro and the automation options has been reduced to only motion and pressed! I remeber there were several other options using Ring 3.

Is the difference because of different integrations for ring products?


There was a bug showing more button press options than actually exist. I would expect only motion and single press for the button.