Restarting it all

Hi All,

Been sent here from the SmartThings Support team to see if I can get any help.

Basically, over the last few weeks, I decided in my infinite wisdom to reset all my devices from my Account to try and clean it all up, as was pretty much showing up as everything everywhere with more than 3 home locations for go knows why…

Pretty much, I am now unable to Get my Smart plug To connect back to the hub or be found at all now. (It’s a “3200 SGB” if that helps)

That’s pretty much the easier of the two problems I have.

I also have a bit of a hardware issue with my motion sensor where the clip that holds the battery down has broken. Not sure how I can fix this.

Is that a centralite zigbee ?

Have you tried resetting it? And are you using a custom device handler for it? If yes, you can open the device handler in IDE and publish for me. There is a known issue where device handlers become stale and prevent you from adding pairing the devices to the hub.

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