Reset Hub... Now devices won't pair- How do I reset my things?

I reset my hub because it had a personality disorder (2 different emails for Hub & IDE). Anyway, the reset hub won’t pair with the devices. I have the Smartthings 5 pack of hub, 2x multi controllers, motion sensor and outlet. Can someone walk me through the reset process? Thanks

Hub also has a personality disorder
If you didn’t exclude devices before resetting hub, your devices will not repair until you exclude them first.
In the app go to hub, z-wave utilities general exclude. That will put hub into exclude mode.
Push button on each device whatever number of times it requires to exclude it. You might have to do it multiple times, even though hub tells you it excluded it (happend to me)
Then go to things.add things to put hub in include mode and add your devices.

Thank you for the reply.

I’m in the US (MN) and Smartthings is less than a month old. Anyway, I access the IDE through The issue, I found out) is that I quickly set up ST on my phone with one of my email accounts and when I set up my IDE I used a different (desired) email thinking that’s how I originally set up the mobile account. I was wrong.

I was able to set up my IDE to my less desired email and it found the hub, but I mad an app in my IDE and I was not seeing it on my mobile devise. That’s when I scrapped it all and Reset the hub and reinstalled ST on my smart phone.

Fast forward to the present: Reset hub is now playing nicely with my IDE,I can see everything, have CoRE apps running, etc. Now the last problem to solve is the reconnecting issues with all my smartthings. Once complete, I will be back to where I should have been a few days ago.

Thanks - Jim


How to reset the Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor

If the Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor didn’t connect to the Hub when you removed the pull-tab, reset and connect the device manually.


Remove the cover of the Motion Sensor by pulling it away from the back panel a (CHECK)
Remove the CR2450 battery (CHECK)

Next, put the Hub in join mode:

Tap My Home (CHECK)
Under Things, tap Add a Thing at the bottom of your Things list
The app will say Looking for devices… (YEP, IT'S HAPPENING)

Last, while the Hub is searching:

Move the Motion Sensor within 15 feet of Hub (IT IS)
Hold down the Connect button on the Motion Sensor while reinserting the battery (DID IT)
Release the button when the LED is lit (YEP)
The LED will blink blue while attempting to connect (FLASHING BLUE LED- 3 DOUBLE PULSES AND A PAUSE)
Once the app shows a device has been found, put the cover back on the Motion Sensor (STOPS HERE- NOTHING IS FOUND)
Follow the configuration steps above

Thank you

From my phone I have gone to Hub Home>Z-Wave>General Device Exclusion. I am unsure if what I am doing next is correct. Can you elaborate? I have pushed the button once, retried pressing it multiple times and have tried removing and reinserting them. Help!

Look in manual of your device. For some, you push that button 1, 2, 3, or 4 times while hub is in exclusion mode. For motion detectors you usually push the tamper switch. You will get a message with device excluded. After you exclude all, you can include them again.