Restarting hub from app

When the IDE is shut-off on December 15, is there an app replacement for remotely restarting the hub? Forgive me in advance if this has already been addressed.

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Not yet, but many have asked for that functionality.

I’d imagine there probably is one but we haven’t been told about it yet.

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Because of the current lack of any solution at this time for this, and since I have two Hubs, I decided to connect each Hub to a smartpower outlet that’s controlled by the other Hub so I could power cycle the Hub(s) using local Routines with turn back on if turned off delays from the other Hub. I could have used my Kasa power strip since it is natively external to SmartThings, but my Kasa power strip on occasion has sometimes turned off all the power ports for no reason whatsoever.

A new app is (supposedly) in the throws of being born, all fingers crossed for hub options being included