How to reboot v2 hub?

the closed ide, so how to reboot v2 hub now?
pressing pin does not do anything

well tomorrow is last day ide works

yeah got it.
last reboot tomorrow, let’s celebrate :slight_smile:

A WiFi plug like Meross or Kasa work good for rebooting the hub provided you remove the batteries.


thank you for answer.
unfortunately app will not allow to turn hub back on and this method power cycles hub which i would like avoid because it tends to lose connections with some devices and need to repair.
i only wanted soft reboot method.

You need to use a WiFi plug NOT connected to ST, so the hub is not needed.

And currently it is our only option for remote reboot.

actually some plugs work offline, these may be connected to hub and then you just could schedule turn off and back on after a minute or so but i don’t like idea, neither purchasing another plug only because Samsung removed functionality

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Unfortunately, this only pushes the problem up one level. It assumes your entire home network is working… I went the overkill route and built a phone-based set of timer relays to reboot the modem, then the router, and then the hub(s) with controllable delays between each step. Phone-based relays can be found for both landline and GSM.

GE45600 handheld remote and a Zwave switch controlling the hub both paired to the hub will allow you to turn the hub off and back on if you are home.

The old legacy way doesn’t work? A hard slap on the body of the hub?