[Resolved] - 2017/11/17 3:20pm-4:15pm EST ActionTiles not functional here; Outage?

Not sure if I am the only one but both ActionTiles regular and beta web is down. Anyone else seeing this? If it comes back up I will update this page.

Yep, it’s down…
No bueno


Glad it isn’t only me, I hate that as then I am on my own trying to troubleshoot it. Hope it comes up soon. I thin ST is really working strange today. I have a reoccurring problem with Alexa and ST. I say to Alexa" Turn on Den" Which turns on two switches. They both come on then one goes off. Can’t find any reason for this.

same here in Central Ohio

Whoa. That is a weird one. I start disconnecting and deleting stuff when that happens but I’m the impatient type so def don’t take after me.

I’m sure the actiontiles situation will get sorted.

@tgauchat is pretty good about helping/ explaining what’s going on when things go awry. I must admit, a pain in the butt when actiontiles goes awry though.— I have to actually use a wall switch, I’ve about forgot how to do that… haha

I sent him a private message in-case he didn’t know, but I am sure he knows.

Back Up as of now.

Yea the AT guys are great. Actually as I type this, my panel just came up. I am sure the AT guys will tell us what was up soon enough.

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Sorry for the interruption in service, everyone!

I think it was Cyber Monday Madness :scream: bringing down a little chunk of the Google cloud that we depend upon. Seemed to come back up pretty quickly, so I’m trying not to panic on our busiest sales day of the year!

For latest outage reports, the best place currently is to visit our Forum where we post as soon as outage recognized:

The particular Topic for this incident:


Thanks for the update Terry! All is well again

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I know right? Made me rethink the purchase I made of actiontiles just a few minutes before I posted to this thread.

First thought that went through my head was “You’re kidding me right?”.

All is well now though. On to create some more panels!!

Thank you @tgauchat!!

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It sure brought back some of my Corporate IT career history “PTSD”!

Around 10 BC (“Before :cloud: Clouds”), I worked for a major credit card issuing bank. It was a real struggle keeping servers up on Black Friday weekend. We had to bring in spare air conditioning and jury rig server reboots and failovers.

Technology has sure come a long way; but can’t help picturing the spinning disks, network cables still out there in data centers; not to mention the code… the code!!!

(All looks well now.)

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