Is ActionTiles Down?

@tgauchat, Is ActionTiles down? I cannot log into my tiles this morning:

When trying to log in and hitting the orange button nothing is happening.

Same here. Can’t get in.

I found myself unexpectedly logged out and I can’t login. I’ve reported the JavaScript errors I’m seeing.

An account I’ve shared panels with still seems OK.

Update: But only until it needed to reconnect again, which is does rather often sadly …

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Same issue here… Others reporting the same on Facebook forums. I opened a tick with ActionTiles. Others may want to do the same.

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Same here… not working

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Same story here too.

Same. Saw something about updating. The log in page does not seem to be sending data to the server.

Same here as everyone else has stated already. I’m just glad I finally found somewhere that is saying the same thing. I thought I was taking crazy pills! Since about 6:30am central time. I used the app to turn on my lights and let the dog out, when I came back in I had been logged out and “loading” was circling and nothing happened. I hit refresh on the browser and it took me to the same login issue we have all described. I saw/see nothing on twitter from them, nothing on their support page, nothing on their facebook page yet which is a little odd for actiontiles to not address it right away. Either way, luckily the smartthing community has yet again not let me down. I’ll update if I see or hear anything back from my ticket I sent them.
And I agree with Blaine, if you are having an issue, open a ticket with actiontiles so they can hopefully address this soon and efficiently

Same here. I’ve posted a ticket with ActionTiles.

Same here. Didnt see anything on twitter.

Same. Ticket opened with AT.

System had too much eggnog last night I guess.

I bet they know like crazy




Same here - getting only login screen on all my devices - opened a ticket with action-tiles support but did not hear back so far.

Same problem, down all day. Ticket sent. Meh. :frowning:

They are being suprisingly silent about it though. Hmmm.

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Kinda surprised there has been no response from Terry. He’s usually pretty good about this kind of thing.

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ActionTiles is down. We are working to restore the service asap.


For those who didn’t see it, they have addressed the problem and updated the update and have said that logins appear to be working again but it’s only categorized as tentative right now while they continue to look into it. Personally, I tried logging back in shortly after they updated the status and I still could not log in but I tried again just before this post and was able to get in on PC (have not tried mobile again yet). Got to hand it to them, they’re quick and efficient. always happy with actiontiles

None of mine are working yet.

Still down for me as well…

why all this panic? even with critical systems 99% MTBF it’s 9 hours of down time per year.
and I don’t really remember that someone was promised 100% availability.
Just relax guys, let them take care of this beautiful system

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