ActionTiles has stopped controlling devices, "Error:"

Anyone else having problems with ActionTiles not controlling any devices? Just getting an “Error:” on screen.

It is known…

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I didn’t equate that outage on ST to the ActionTiles issues but I guess it is related.

Yet my Alexa control is working fine.

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Tagging @tgauchat

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ActionTiles team is investigating.


Thanks for the Topic!

Yes… At this time all of our REST-API calls inwards to the “ActionTiles (Connect)” SmartApp SmartThings are failing with:

Failed hitting endpoint 401 { error: 'invalid_token', ...

I am continuing to poke around to determine if there’s anything on our end that is broken, but there’s nothing obvious so far.

###For updates from ActionTiles on this, please visit and Follow Topic on ActionTiles Forum:

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WAF -1

I can’t get any decent data from the logs. . . .

Identified - We continue to investigate an outage impacting third party integrations such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and ActionTiles.
Apr 7, 22:02 EDT

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###I just updated our baby status page…

We don’t have very many “sub-systems” (though commands are separate from view-only updates)… but eventually our Status Page will be similar to SmartThings’s.

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Working now!

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OK… Not that similar! :relieved:

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