Action Tiles is down?

Action Tile interface is logged out, it can not be accessed and it does not return any error.
It just do nothing.

Does anyone experience this problem?

ps: I also wrote on their forum.

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Yes, I’m seeing the same thing on my end as well.

Ok. I wrote them also on @tweeter.

Having issues here too…

Same for me

Yep! :rage: Down for the 10 count~ Id would be nice if their developers would update their Actiontiles LOGON page to allow users to quit hitting the Login button a few 100 times!

…I thought that I would tag Terry in this thread @tgauchat

There appear to be two threads on this topic…

That rather depends on where you are looking for the error. If you look on the JavaScript console you can see it. If you click on ‘forgotten password’ you’ll see another error that might offer a clue as to what is going on. Or it might not. ActionTiles uses things I’ve never even heard of so I’m not leaping to conclusions.

Good, I finally found a thread that confirms that others are seeing the same behavior. Found nothing elsewhere regarding an outage…

ActionTiles is down. We are working to restore the service.


Any work on when AT will be back up?

Most of the client are able to log in again. We are trying to resolve the problem for the outliers.

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We believe that this issue is now resolved!

If you are still unable to login, you may need to clear the Site Settings


Mobile Chrome:

  1. Chrome Menu
  2. Settings
  3. Site Settings
  4. All sites


  1. Swipe Fully menu in from Left.
  2. Clear Cache

Desktop Chrome:

  1. Shift-Reload
  2. or Ctrl-F5
  3. or Command-Shift-R

Let’s try to consolidate the treads. Please follow the other thread for updates:

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For latest status and eventual post-incident review regarding this outage, please Follow:

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Down again?

No issues for me. There was a SmartThings outage today that would have affected ActionTiles though.

I just have a white screen

I’d open a support ticket with them. My panels are working fine.

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