Reset STH-ETH-001

I have an older SmartThings Hub, which I am having problems connecting. The app doesn’t recognize it. And there is no reset button to do a factory reset.

I remember there was a web interface where I could log in to control the hub and devices, but I can’t find it anymore (has it been removed)?

Also check for two locations. You may only need to switch locations in the ST app to see your hub correctly.


Perhaps you could help me locate that reset switch on this STH-ETH-001 ?

OK , so I was given a model STH-ETH-001. Is this unit worth saving and/or doing anything with ? Can’t discover or add to S/T app… better to simply invest in a newer model ?

Yes, definitely get a newer model as the one you have is obsolete and no longer receives firmware updates. Get a V2 or a V3. V2 has more memory and faster processor and V3 can use wifi or ethernet…either is a good choice

Many thanks Troy….



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I doubt you will be able to find a new v2 at this point. The v3 will be rebranded soon as the aeotec smart home hub. It should be in stock within a few weeks

check ebay for v2, they sell $30+.


If I was just starting out, I’d get the v2 home monitoring kit for 130 bucks. Brand new v2 hub, pocket socket, 2 open/close sensors and a motion sensor. Not a bad price.

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yep, i think thats how i started out, but years back it was around $159 on sale.

you can find the same kit on ebay for around $60-70