Reset Smart Hub Remotely

Is there any way to reset the Smart Hub over the internet? My hub has stopped responding.

Hmm, I wonder if this is a theme. I apparently lost connection to all of my things as well. I haven’t suspected it was the hub yet, but I have a feeling if I power cycle it, I’ll suddenly get connectivity. Anyone else have a connectivity issue today?

Yup, sure enough. I power cycled the hub and can control things again. Also, not sure if it is this beta android app or general system slowness, but I’m not seeing state changes or logs of changes at all. Sad times.

I got an email from smart things about doing a power cycle remove power for 10 secs and then put back together to regain connectivity. But I have to wait till I Get home to complete this.


yeah, I had the same issue. Problem was I was 300 miles away on vacation and the hub was controlling my kegerator thermostat. 600 dollars worth of keg beer spoiled.

This was the issue I had with everything being on the cloud, the inability to take responsibility for your own up time.