Everything unresponsive

While the SmartThings app acts like everything’s connected, and it logs that it’s allegedly sending commands to devices, not a single one of our devices (dozens of switches, etc) is receiving commands. Can’t turn anything in or off via SmartThings.

Reset the hub (v2.0) via the button on the back, but that didn’t make a difference.

I feel your pain. It’s been a rough week.

Take the batteries out of it and unplug the hub for at least 15 minutes. Then power it up again and see if that helps.

If not, you probably have to contact support.

I second what @JDRoberts said about restarting with batteries out. I did that and it definitely worked well for me. At one point this week I had the same situation as you… nothing was working at all. I did this and I’ve been good ever since.


Unplugged hub and pulled the batteries. After a few minutes I got a push notification that the hub was offline. Waited a few more minutes. Put the batteries back in and plugged the hub back in. After a couple minutes I got two push notifications that the hub was back online. That was 20 minutes ago. The app shows in the logs the one event for the hub going offline and the two events for it coming back online. However, the app has a red message up top that says the hub is offline. Force-killed the app and reopened it. Same thing. None of my 40+ devices will respond to commands, and now the app says the hub is offline.

So much for the v2 hub. I literally spent an entire day last week doing the migration of 40+ devices, and the new hub is a worthless brick at the moment.

As JD said earlier, do contact support.

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Definitely contact support. They can see your hub from their end and can check it out.

Did you wait at least 15 minutes after receiving the offline notice before turning the gun back on?

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I only have a few devices, but for a few hours last night, my Mimolite sensor on the garage door wouldn’t updates status or respond. It cleared itself up after a couple hours though.