How can I wipe the slate clean and start over?

Okay, so in my eagerness to get things up and working, I started adding routines, deleting routines, deleted modes (oh God help me on that one…)

I have basically fubar’d everything. Lesson learned.

But now that I’ve been reading and learning, is there anyway I can just wipe the slate clean, and start over as if it was a fresh install.

Sorry. I know. Bad girl.


Contact SmartThings support and have them reset your hub to its initial state after you set it up.

You can also try deleting your location and creating a new one. Your devices will all need to be re-paired (they might need to be reset before they will re-pair).

If you can, exclude them all before you wipe your hub. It will make adding them back easier.

OH how I wish I had seen Jim’s response before I deleted my location.

I can’t get ANY devices to pair.

Any thoughts on how to fix that aspect?

Try resetting one of your devices to default/factory settings.
Then try adding it.
I would think you will have to do this for all your devices.

so, for the motion sensor, if you mean removing battery, holding in reset button while inserting battery, waiting for blue light - then yeah. I’ve done that. No workie for me. :confused:

If there is another way to reset them, I am ALL EARS

Oh - also to note, I am sitting right next to the hub when I try this, too.

I take it it’s an ST one.

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You can still exclude devices. Put the ST hub into general exclude mode and then press the include/exclude button on your device. That will tell the device it’s no longer in a network and you should be able to add it again after that.