Can't add devices back to hub after hub reset


in need of a little help, I reset my hub back to defaults but now I’m unable to get the hub to pair with the devices, plug, door sensor, motion sensor, ive followed the guides online at Samsung and looked in the forums, I have done the following.

Pulled the battery out of the device, left it 30 seconds. I then went into the app and searched for new device (add) then put the battery back into the device while holding the button, the device light flashes 3 times as its in pairing mode, the Samsung app will not find the devices, ive been at this 2 hours and I’m all out of ideas.

The app reports its taking longer than expected to find devices and never finds them.

Any assistance would be great as I’m at a loss, this is a v2 hub only a few days old, before I reset the hub everything worked.


added info from the hub:

appengineConnected: true
• appengineEnabled: true
• appengineVersion: 1.5.1
• backupVersion: 0.0.0
• batteryInUse: false
• bluetoothRadioDetected: false
• bluetoothRadioEnabled: false
• bluetoothRadioFunctional: false

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. You may need to just contact support as they can see things from their side that may help. Are you in the US or the UK?

US support:

UK support:

As far as the information you posted, the Bluetooth radio has never been enabled for anyone, so those entries are right.

The question is whether the entries for the Z wave radio and The zigbee radio?

As far as adding the devices again, you need to reset each device individually following the directions for that device before you can then add it as a new device to your hub. Are these all Samsung – branded devices that came with the hub? If so, support can help you get them reset.


I’m in the UK and all devices are part of the kit that came with Samsung smart things


If by door sensor you meant the Samsung multisensor, your description doesn’t include the steps that are required to reset that device. You need to hold down a button and wait until it blinks red.

Were you following the steps in the support knowledge base? First follow the reset steps, then follow the configure steps.


Motion sensor:

US Outlet (this one can be fiddly to get paired)

UK Outlet

I think the instructions are the same as the US, but support can tell you.


One) follow the instructions to “reset” the individual device

Two) then follow the instructions to “configure” the individual device

Pay attention to the LED indicators if they are mentioned in the instructions, as quite often you will need to do a particular step until a particular light pattern is displayed, such is holding down the button until a red light blinks.

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Also, check the LED colours on the hub itself before you start to make sure that it is ready to go.

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I owe you a pint as the saying go’s, Thank You so much, its working now, 2 hours trying and you did it in 20 seconds. Fantastic

Thanks JDRoberts