Reset actions on Routines, like the SmartThings Home Monitor

I use the SmartThings Home Monitor for leak detection at my water heater. Should a leak get detected, it shuts off the valve to it and shuts off the 110VAC power (it is a gas water heater and 110VAC is because it is electronic ignition (pilotless) and to run the exhaust fan (high efficiency) and if there is no AC, it will not warm the water). Plus, it takes my Phillips Hall Light and changes it to green so I get a visual indication as to what happened (green = water heater, blue = intrusion, red = smoke or CO detection) That works great. It even went off one night because the excess water from my humidifier ended up coming in contact with my leak sensor and ended up shutting down the water heater as designed. I dismissed the event and it returned everything back to normal.

That being said, I have additional leak sensors under sinks and my dishwasher and valve controllers on the various valves in the basement and going up from my basement to other levels. With that, I can control all devices on a particular floor.

I created routines to shut what is needed off, should a leak sensor in a location detect a leak. For instance, if my kitchen or bathroom leak sensor on the main floor detect water, both hot and cold water are shut off to the first floor. If it is only the dishwasher, then since it only gets hot water, it shuts off only hot water. The hall light lights up to different colors, depending what tripped. The rest of the house does not get the water shut off, except for what is leaking.

If there was a way on the routines to manually dismiss the alert and then reverse the actions taken, that would go a long way to automating getting back to normal. If not, I can manually do it, just not as smart.

Or, you could give us the ability to set up additional leak detections.

You could do to things.

  1. create a virtual switch and use it to reset things manually.

  2. write a second routine to reset things automatically when the detector returns to dry.