Water leak sensor with alexa routine?

Hi all, Not sure if this is possible. as i believe only contact sensors work within alexa routines?

Ive just bought one of the new water leak sensors and ideally id like to setup a routine in alexa so that when the sensor detects water i can have alexa announce this or play a audio file.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

Many thanks

Fortunately, SmartThings allows you to create virtual contact sensors which Alexa will treat like real ones—and you can even turn them on and off like a switch. :sunglasses:

So assuming you have a Samsung SmartThings system, it becomes pretty straightforward.

  1. create a virtual contact sensor with switch capability.

  2. set up a SmartThings rule to switch that sensor on when the real sensor activates.

  3. create an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine) that runs when the virtual sensor activates. (Make sure you switch the virtual sensor off again so it will be ready for the next time.) :sunglasses:

Please read the following FAQ (this is a clickable link) and then we can discuss any further questions you still have.


Ah great thankyou. Ive created a virtual switch but can you tell me how i go about creating a smarthings rule to switch that on when the real sensor activates.


Did you read the FAQ I Linked to?

It can’t be a virtual switch. It has to be a virtual sensor that has switch capabilities. And the code for that is in the FAQ.

Once you use that code, it will show up as a switch just like any other switch anywhere in SmartThings. But turning it on will also cause the virtual sensor part to be “open.“

As far as a rule, you just have to find one which would trigger a switch to come on when the real sensor triggers.

Usually that’s the official smart lights feature, but to be honest I don’t remember if that will trigger from a leak sensor. If it doesn’t, you should be able to set up a custom alert in smart home monitor that will do it. :sunglasses:


You can. The trigger is called “Water Leak”

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Now ya see, this is exactly the reason I occasionally scan these forums.

Currently, I have ST making the announcement “bathtub is full” via Alexa Speaks when my Utilitech sensor detects it. Certainly it would be more efficient to simply have Alexa detect a simulated sensor open, and broadcast the message itself.

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Ok thanks guys, I’ll have to have a play and try and get it to work. Reading the FAQ I’ve installed Alexa helper but there’s so many options I’m unsure on what I’m doing.

You shouldn’t need Alexa helper at all for this: It doesn’t create the right kind of virtual devices and you’re just going to use the built-in Alexa features.

The code for a virtual sensor which has switch capability is in post 97 of the FAQ I already gave you. That’s the one you want.

( I know that FAQ needs to be rewritten as an article in the community wiki, I just haven’t felt up to doing it last couple of weeks. It’s a lot to read through right now because it’s conversation as the features were being released. Sorry if it’s been confusing. )

Update: doing it as I outlined a few posts go isn’t quite as awesome as I imagined. Unless I’m missing something, an Alexa routine is tied to only one Echo. It’s a PITA to write six routines to do the same ting on six echo devices… and the routines don’t play from ecobee devices

You’re missing something. :wink:

If you want to have announcements from multiple devices at the same time, you use the “messaging” choice when you create the routine ( instead of the “Alexa says” choice). That let you pick all devices or multiple selected devices for the announcement. :sunglasses:

Thanks JD - my 1st routine in Alexa, you’re a great help as always

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Sorry this maybe a daft question but where is post 97? I can’t see any device handler.

Could anyone do me a step by step I’m a tad confused. I just want Alexa to announce when waters detected. Can’t get my head around this.


Post 97 is the 97th post in the thread. The thread title is a clickable link.

FAQ: Using Contact and Motion Sensors to Trigger Alexa Routines (DTH in post 97) (Official Amazon Feature)

It was posted on August 31 by BJPierron…

Apologies I’ve found them and added them in the smarthings IDE but now how do I use them?

Sorry, I’m not feeling well and I’m not up to writing out the step by step for you. Someone else will need to do that.

Ah ok no problem. Thanks for your help so far.

If anyone would do me a step by step that would be much appreciated. I’ve used ST’s a while back but for the life of me can’t get my head around this

Many thanks

Just coming back to this. Ive now created a virtual simulated contact sensor using that device handler called water detected. I can see this on my smarthings dashboard as a contact sensor. {closed}

My amazon echo sees this and allows me to setup a routine when this is open itll tell me theirs a water leak. im still struggling to find a way to trigger this using the physical leak sensor i have. Ive tried the smart lighting app but this will only allow me to control a outlet or light bulb?

Can anyone tell me where im going wrong? I feel like im nearly there :slight_smile:


The device hanlder JD linked you to should be exposed as a switch in smart lighting. So create a device using that handler and then create a smart lighting rule to turn on that device when moisture is detected by your leak sensor.


Ok ive done that and its setup using the smartlighting app and it switches on when the leak sensor detects water.

Now its a switch though rather than contact sensor alexa wont allow me to use this within a routine. ill go the my alexa app it discovers it as a switch but if i go to routines and try and create one it will only allow me to select a sensor device (motion/contact) not a switch

It should show as both. you’re using the device handler with namespace: “bjpierron” right?