Water Detection and Outlet Shutoff


I want to setup an smart outlet that shuts off when water is detected whenever there’s a leak or water coming from a washing machine. Basically shut off the washing machine in the events of leaks.

Could you guys recommend a smart outlet and water detection kit? and how to integrate the two?


See this

Here is the thread I posted of my set up with Samsung water sensors and Dome valve shut offs. It includes set and video - as well as input from the manufacturer.

a simple SmartApp (that should also run local but it doesn’t) is monitoring water sensors around the home and would turn off several devices - the main water shut-off, 4 inches above the floor where the water comes in, the old motorized switch above the water softener and - the IRIS smart plug that also monitors power - behind the Washer, for that exact same reason (washer leaking sometimes)

Since the washer also monitors power, I have an app (now in webCORE), that changes the washer room lights to bright white when power is above 5W and to Green when it’s 0W, also sending a “washer done” message.