Reserving static IP within the hub confirguration?

Is there a way to assign an IP to the ST hub WITHIN the hub itself?

I’m using a CUJO firewall which for now the static IP reservation feature does not work well (all IP’s are under a CUJO subnet not within the router subnet so the router cannot assign IP addresses). It only works consistently if I am able to assign an IP within the device itself.

Unfortunately no, from a LAN perspective the hub is just another device. It doesn’t have any IP functions. Even with the new Samsung connect, the router functions are separate from the home automation hub functions. So the IP address gets assigned to the hub, not by it. And regrettably they have not added a feature to allow the address to be set manually. See the previous discussion (this is a clickable link)


Thanks. Too bad, that should not be that difficult to implement within the firmware.

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