Rescale Zwave Dimmers


I would be interest to find out if it is possible to rescale dimmer percentages. For example, my ge zwave dimmer will do an excellent job controlling my LEDs from 12% to 60% currently. Below 12 and they won’t come on, above 60 and they don’t get any brighter. What would be the easiest way to rescale that range to the new 0-100%?

Thanks for your time.

Many of the less expensive zwave dimmers just won’t go below 10%. It’s a physics thing–it has to do with how the dimmer operates.

There are different device type handlers you can try that would let you specify, say 3%, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.

Smart bulbs are much better at dimming over range then most of the switches, but the more expensive Coopers and Leviton are quite good. So it depends how important it is to you to have that feature.

All of that said, I would definitely expect a GE ZWAVE dimmer to go higher than 60%.

What’s the exact model of the switch, what’s the exact model of the bulb, and what device type handler are you using?

I must’ve mislead you. The dimmer gives me full range of the LEDs but it is squeezed between 12 to 60 and works excellent. I’m mean that the Led reaches full brightness at just 60%, everything works fine, it’s more of a pet peave that the entire range isn’t usable.

Using GE 12724 and 3" 7W Led cans.

Basically, I would like to rescale 12% to 0% and 60% to 100%. Can you directly control dimmer output voltage?

My bad, I misunderstood.

I’m still a little bit confused. When you say “12%” and “60%” you’re referring to the values that you see on the icon tile in the mobile app, right? Not to what happens when you just physically press the button on the switch?

If that’s so, then it sounds like you need the device type handler recalibrated, not the hardware.

What device type handler are you using to create the control icon that you see in the mobile app?

Yes, it sounds exactly like it needs to be recalibrated. The 12% is what I get on the mobile app correct. 12% is bearly lit and will turn on every time. 60% is full power.

I am completely stock right now. I just set up all the dev access to fix this issue.

I’m interested in this as well. I have groups of dumb bulbs on various dimmers and would like to somehow calibrate each dimmer so “50%” is essentially the same lux for the all the dimmers. Hope this makes sense.

I am also interested in this.
I’m wondering if this is more of a hardware issue. I am using the z-Wave plus WD100 wifi dimmer. It registers a change down to 1% but the 1% setting is still rather bright. I’m wondering if the scale can be remapped so 1% is dimmer or is this a factor of the minimum resistance of the hardware.