GE Z-wave Dimmer - lights are fully bright at about 40%

Hello! I have recently started installing these smart home devices. I put 4 of the GE Z-wave paddle dimmers in. On one overhead light (3 dimmable LED bulbs), the bulbs are at full brightness right around 38-40% dimming (according to the app). On the lights in another room it is similar but up around 70%. The other two seem normal; dimming basically from 0-100% as I’d expect. Does anyone have any suggestions for what the issue might be, or how to best troubleshoot it?

You may want to login to IDE at go to My Devices and see what device handler they are using

could be the bulbs you are using?


This would be my guess. LEDs that are non-dimmable are fully bright around 30% with all my dimmers. Had the same issue with some landscape lights. Switched the bulbs out and I get full range.

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Thank you! I thought sure I used the dimmable LEDs (fixture is brand new), but maybe I grabbed the wrong ones. I’ll check the device handler too. I really appreciate the suggestions.