Dimmer slider to 100%

Was asked today something that I’ve wondered myself - why don’t dimmers go to 100%? You can slide the control that far, but it then resets to 99%. So I looked at the z-wave spec and the way I read it, 99 is the highest value allowed anyway (100 levels, including 0).

So then I was wondering if i was possible to manipulate the dimmer controls on any of these handlers and - separate topic - I can’t even get those to limit or follow a range like a regular slider.

My question then is this: Did I read the spec right and 99% is the max value anyway and, if so, is it possible to modify the slider so that it actually “maps” from 1-100 instead (correlating to 0-99 at the hardware level)?

You can set any range for a controlTile()


Tried that. Couldn’t get it to work a typical multiattribute tile like you have for a lighting control. If it’s a separate control, yes, it works. But not like I mentioned. Or I’m doing something wrong. Tried the same syntax, it just ignored it.

You’re probably not doing anything wrong. The DTH UI has a lot of quirks (:bug:'s)


From the dimmer manual of the old GE switch I read that this one has 99 steps for dimming (=100 levels). Valid values for parameter 7 is 1-99. So if the lowest level is 0, then the highest level has to be 99. It also says “When OFF, pressing and holding the bottom of the rocker will
cause the lighting to go to the minimum dim level.” So 0 level and off is the same.

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Yep - all consistent with the spec. If only we get the slider to be offset by 1. It has 101 values (0 to 100) and we need it to go from 1 to 100 while representing the hardware values of 0-99. Actually that’s what the spec recommends too (“represent” the data).

Can someone confirm that these dimmers should only be going to 99%?
I just got my first dimmer and I can set it to 100% but then it just resets to 99%.
Wondering if there is something wrong with my dimmer…

It’s a problem with the platform vs the standard. Zwave doesn’t actually allow for a level of 100, only 99. But the sliders, etc, all go to 100. And then when the value comes back, it ties to the slider and resets to 99. I personally don’t know of a way to “fix” it.

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Indeed it is not broken. Don’t ask the DTH to lie to you :speak_no_evil:.

If OP is convinced that 99 = 100 (or the whole scale is off by -1) then just edit the parse() method to make the adjustment whenever it gets a level update message from the Device.


Ya know…that’s a pretty ingenious idea…I may give that a whirl… :slight_smile:


Finally got around to doing this…and it worked. I just had 99% report as 100%. I thought about doing some complex calculations (which is what the Fibaro dimmer does) and decided no one really cares between 99% and 100% anyway. Thanks @tgauchat for the suggestion!!