Slow dimmer in theater room


Is there a smart app that will allow my dimmer to slowly go to a certain percentage. I purchased 2 GE Zwave dimmers. Right now they almost act like switches. I have a routine called movie Time that puts dimmers to 10%. I also have a motion sensor that turns my dimmers on full. I would like both situations to happen over 10 seconds instead of immediately.

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In the Marketplace under Lights & switches section, look for “Gentle Wake Up”. It says it’s bringing the lights up, but I use it to dim. I renamed it “Dim It” in my app. I have it set to dim from the current level down to 1% over a period of 30 minutes. You can set it up however you need it. Works great from movie time.

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There is also this device handler that allows you to adjust Dimmer ramp rates in GE dimmers:

You increase the time between steps to get it up to the 10 seconds.


The device handler worked. I have no idea what github is. I followed your document, added your code and I got it to work. That is exactly what I wanted. How do I learn what I did and add more device handlers?



I appreciate the attempt. I needed it to be faster. The device handler is a better option for me.

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I would recommend native device handlers, I plan to submit this once ST stabilizes for a bit. I just realized I missed a step, you need to change the default device handler for the switch to this one, then you will have all the goodness.

Github is just a site people can share and collaborate on code. There are ton of custom handlers and smart apps. search the forum for nearly anything (Garage Door? Check, Nest? Check)


Ok everything worked with the device handler with my motion sensor and dimmers. But I made two routines movie Time and end Movie Time and it does not seem to slowly dim during those situations. Is there a tweak I need to do?

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The device handler sends programs the switch with the step amounts. My guess is that the routine you have sets it to 80% which is executed immediately. In that case Gentle Wake up may work better.


i just tried this with my GE dimmer switch and still no luck dimming slowly…

i get the enhanced options but doesnt seem to do anything.


Did you make a github account and copy the device handler info into your SMART hub? It works for me.


i installed using “With GitHub Integration”


Can someone suggest some settings to try to slow the dimming? Here is what I have set currently and I don’t see and dimming change from the default device handler.