Replacing a Z-Wave Device and Moving Old Device

I currently have a WeMo in-wall switch. I am replacing it with a GE in-wall dimmer and moving the WeMo to a place that currently has a dumb switch. If I was just replacing a Z-Wave device I would disconnect it, install the new GE dimmer and then do a Z-Wave Replace and have the GE take the place of the old device in all SmartApps, etc. Great. But, I am replacing a WeMo so the only option is to Remove. Is there a smart way to do this avoiding having to add the new GE dimmer to all the SmartApps the WeMo is currently part of? Not a huge deal if not but I’m wondering if I’m missing a trick.

Yes, I think this is your best option.

I suggest you add the new switch first and then check on the Wemo switch for any smartapps it is used in. then you can go on-by-one to replace the wemo switch in each app with the GE dimmer until there are no more apps left under the wemo switch. Usually does not take more than a couple of mins…

(well, I think theoretically you could edit the device information incl network ID for the wemo switch with the GE switch data in the IDE and replace it this way… but I recommend a clean install :slight_smile: )


I thought in the ST App, there was a replacement option? I never used it but I assumed that this option allows for the previous device and all of its associations to be replaced with a new device with similar attributes…

That was my thought when I saw the option. Don’t know if that is the case. If so, then that would make sense. If not, then what the heck is that option used for?

Only for a Z-Wave device. The WeMo’s are LAN devices and only have remove.

OIC. Well at least now I know what that option was for!

FYI for GE switches: some of them tend to become unresponsive every once in a while. Pulling the air gap for a couple of secs and then replacing the device with itself usually does the trick to bring them back online.

True. And I do have another GE Z-Wave dimmer that I believe has a radio failure (my first GE radio failure). A replacement device is being shipped by Jasco and that will get the Z-Wave Replace performed on it. Air gap flip on the existing device did not resolve anything this time.

But, this thread was about replacing a WeMo with a Z-Wave so it’s not a case of a failed or non-responsive device.


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