How to replace failed device

I have a GE/Jasco wall switch that will not respond to smartthings commands from the app but does work if i press the switch. i’ve tried to reset power to device and that doesn’t fix it.
To physically replace a defective device do i delete it from all apps and then remove the device and then include new device and re-add to apps? or can i use the “replace” feature, remove defective device, install replacement in wall box and then use the replacement function?

edit: I got it working. i didn’t replace the switch, i just used the replacement feature and when it said ready i pushed the existing switch a couple of times and I guess it reincluded it. Now it works…

Glad you resolved it!

Replace should work if it’s a Z wave device using exactly the same Device type. That’s what it’s for, so you don’t have to change all the smart apps that use it.

Replace will not work with a zigbee device because each zigbee device has its own unique identifier.

In contrast, Zwave devices have a network ID assigned by the controller, which is why the ID can be reused.

I have a number of GE switches and every once in a while one decide to act up and disconnect from the network (usually if I do a network repair or have to reboot my hub etc.) The replace function does not always work for me but turning off the power to the switch by turning off the circuit breaker for a couple of seconds usually does the trick.

I used the replace function this week to swap out GE zwave new switches models for the older ones (the didn’t require a neutral) and it worked really well.

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I rebooted the switches, and hub trying to fix it but no go. Now I can see I have a Zwave motion sensor that has also failed.
My brother claims that he could not turn on the bathroom light twice in the middle of the night with the switch and had to use Alexa to do it for him. He thought I was screwing with him!!! Don’t know what could have caused that, the switch is a GE Zigbee switch.

Does anyone know where the replace function is on the new (non classic) SmarThings app? I have 10 z-wave lights and after a power outage I have to reconnect all of them and then re-program all 5 of my automations. It sounds like this functionality would make that less painful.