What's the current process to replace an existing switch in ST app?

I have an old Wemo switch that I’m replacing w/a Honeywell Zwave. I have the Wemo switch set up in a few automations so would like to replace it so that the automations just keep working w/out me having to go back into them and select the new switch.

I haven’t had to replace any switches in ages, and wasn’t sure what the current process is w/the new ST app. I did look in the old app (I have both on my phone) but the “Replace” option is not there for the Wemo switch.

Can someone remind me of the simplest way to make the change from the Wemo to the new switch?

Replace is a zwave utility, it won’t work for a WeMo switch. :disappointed_relieved: only for replacing a zwave device with another Zwave device with the same capabilities.

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K, that’s what I was afraid of. Thanks, @JDRoberts.

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I just looked at a zwave device in the new ST app and do not see a Remove option there in the Edit or Settings pages for the device.

Where have they moved the option to replace Zwave devices in the new app?

No idea, sorry. I’m not that familiar with the new V3 app as it has not been voice friendly. :disappointed_relieved:

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I ended up using the option to delete the Wemo device in the new ST app (select device from device list, go into the Edit or Settings page for the device (can’t remember which) and choose Delete option. Then replaced the Wemo w/the new switch in the wall. Added the new switch to ST and gave it the same name as the original Wemo switch (family is trained on the original name, no way I’m going through getting them to remember a new name for that switch!) :slight_smile:

Went into my automations in Smart Lighting and found Smart Lighthing displayed two switches w/the same name in the list of available switches. So the Delete I had completed only removed the switch from the main list of devices in the ST app, but didn’t actually remove it from ST.

Went to the IDE and removed the Wemo device from there, and now have just the new switch listed.

Victory is mine. :wink:

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I know this is old, but any thoughts on if this will work well today. Keeping in mind all the changes and the new app? I’m replacing my wemo switch with an Inovelli zwave switch.