Zwave Switch not Updating ST

The lights over my kitchen sink are set up in smart lighting to turn the island lights on when they turn on.

Lately that hasn’t been working because the hub doesn’t recognize that the sink lights are on unless I do a manual refresh in the app.

This has happened with a different switch before and I solved it by removing the switch and re adding it.

The kitchen sink lights just have SO. MANY. SMART. APPS.

Can anyone think of a way to kick this thing without having to remove and re add all those apps?


There is a “Replace” option for Z-Wave devices, but I’ve never had a situation in which it worked. If this is an effort you want to avoid, I would suggest email and/or waiting for info on the Z-Wave Device Replace feature.

Otherwise, the method I find most practical (still a pain…) is to create a new temporary Thing (usually a Virtual Thing; but you can use one of your existing non-essential Things as long as it has the same “Capability(s)”) and go through all your SmartApps Thing checklists and swap the check-marks. Then at least you can leave the SmartApps fully installed and they will all have place holders for the replacement Device.

Oh … it the paragraph above, of course, if you have a replacement device already available, then use it instead of the “temporary Thing”.

Does this make any sense?

It makes sense. I’ve done it before. It’s not fun.


Yup… It is ludicrous that SmartThings hasn’t developed a tool for this activity.

All of the data is in their cloud … and thus they could lock the affected records (i.e., SmartApp Object Instances), and do a bulk substitution.

Sure … they have higher priorities, but that’s why you hire someone on contract to do the task independently.

Agreed 2000%. Management have their priorities messed up. How can they expect Home Automation to succeed with such failures. Granted, the root cause may be a 3rd party device. But SmartThings is the hub integrating them and thus they must do what it takes to find workarounds. Think about how much this must cost them in support and customer il will.

And not seeing any attempt to fix this makes me believe the issue really isn’t the device but something endemic with SmartThings.

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@Todd_Whitehead What kind of switch is it?

Linear dimmer.


i’ve used replace quite a lot, it will only work if you reset the zwave device back to Factory defaults first outside of ST on the device itself.

Then just choose replace and put the dimmer into inclusion mode and it should pick it right up

if it tells you that the device is not considered failed then you will need to power the relay off (if its hardwired, then pop your fuse for 15 minutes) after a wait this device will be marked as failed.

the only devices it seems that don’t support it seems are locks??

I know this is probably obvious, so sorry if you have tried it, but have you tried rebooting the Linear switch? I used to have some GE switches that would start to act funky and that would take care of them.

You can do this at the breaker or I think the Linear has a little rectangular plastic tab that can be pulled out to reset it. Worth a try if you haven’t already.