Double Sided Tape That Comes With Smartthings Products

I’m trying to find the exact same type of double sided tape that comes included with all of the smartthings multi sensors. I’ve tried buying other 3m double sided sticky tape but its not nearly as good. Does anyone know where I can buy the exact same type of tape that comes with the smartthings products?


Can’t help you exactly, but I’ve used 3M Command Strips for many of by devices and they’ve worked very well. Of the few dozen devices I have “stuck” to walls and doors (both inside and out), I’ve only had one every fall off.

I’ve got a big roll of the stuff that I bought years ago to reattach body side molding on cars.

Right off hand I can’t recall the product name but it’s 3M. If I can get any identification off the back side that you peel off I’ll update the thread.

Pretty sure it’s 3M VHB tape. If it’s not, just get some of this type. Make sure your surfaces are clean.


I believe that’s it!

Thanks, looking at the pictures it looks like it’s the same one. I just order some. Thanks for your help.