Replace Hunter Fan Remote with GE-14287 3-Speed Fan Control

I’m installing some Hunter ceiling fans which uses only a remote control for turning the fan on/off and changing speed. (No light on these fans.) I browsed around the web and found a video ( on Hunter Bay remotes which my son used with his Hunter Bay fans. Anyway, after watching that, looking at the GE-14287 installation guide, and looking at the Hunter remote receiver, it looks to me like it’s as simple as just NOT using the receiver when installing the fan.

Receiver has usual black (line) and white (neutral) in, and yellow (fan) and blue (light) out. The mounting base for the fan motor has black, white, and blue in. The yellow out of the receiver is to be connected to the black of the fan motor base. The fan motor base has the reversal switch, the 5µf starter capacitor, and the leads to the motor itself.

So I’m thinking I can just leave the receiver out and run the black wire from the switch to the black wire on the motor base, and white to white, and be done. Does this sound right?

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What was the outcome on this?

I also have fans that speed control/lights are only done by the remote and want to install a GE smart switch for the fan and a seperate one for the lights.

I was mounting a fan only (no light) and on the Hunter model I installed it worked fine. If the starter capacitor is not part of the remote receiver, you should be able to do what I did. If it’s in the receiver, I believe the video I referred to should work. Good luck!