GE Smart Fan help?

I have successfully installed a GE In-wall Smart Fan Control where a single switch to the ceiling fan used to be. The switch was previously used to power on the fan. I also would use the remote that came with the fan to control speeds and lighting.
My problem now is that the Smart Fan Control will only power on and off when I press the top or bottom rocker, respectively. I am not able to change the fan speeds with the wall switch as the directions state. Any ideas? Once powered on by the Smart Switch, I am only able to change the fan speed with the remote that came with the fan. I don’t think that I can remove the receiver from the fan, as it looks like power travels from the house through the receiver in the canopy and then into three actual fan itself. Please help!

You will have to remove the receiver from the fan, which is usually in bell/housing on the ceiling, depending upon the fan design. You’ll need to identify the wires up there and properly connect those wires to the fan. Once you do that the GE switch will work as expected.

The way you have it set up right now, the switch is telling the receiver on/off and the receiver is then controlling the fan speed. The receiver needs to removed from the mix to make this work.


If I’m reading it right.
Along with getting the remote control module out like mentioned above by @johnconstantelo .

You will probably have lighting issues too, cause it sounds like one switch (now a fan controller switch) is providing power to both your light and fan. Which was separated for you before by the remote control module.

I could be wrong, just something to watch for.

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First turn off the power! In the canopy you should see the controller. Remove it. There will be 4 wires connecting to it if there is a light. Connect the black load in to black motor. Connect the white neutral to white. The bare to green ground. And the last wire a lot of builders use the red traveler connect this to the light which in hunter fans is usually blue. Also make sure the fan and light switch are wired correctly in the wall. Hope this helps some.

Here is how I wired one of my fans. You will need a separate switch or controller for the light. Or you could continue to use the existing fan controller just for the light. Whatever you do, you will need a third wire (in my example the red one) for the light.

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