Integrate old hunter ceiling fan with capacitor control

Years ago I tried to put a GE smart ceiling fan control on my old Hunter ceiling fan with no light. I can’t remember exactly the issues, but I think I could just turn it on/off and the speed control did not work. From reading a bit seems like it is an old style Hunter that uses capacitor control and possibly this is not compatible with most smart controls. What might my options be?

This is kinda like my wall switch.

neato. Maybe it’s a phase-chopping “solid state speed control”, might be an SCR inside. Suggests that low-speed is not really slow, more like 40% of max? So does the fan not have a pull-chain for speed select?

Not positive but I think new-er fans use capacitor-control and GE smart fan control device, works with those.

I think your options are on/off or new fan. Also don’t get a fan with a factory wireless remote - it’s usually harder to integrate, unless it’s already documented here.

It does not have a pull chain. Looks similar to this one.