Hunter Fan and GE Z-wave Fan Controller - 2-speeds only?

I have several different models of Hunter fans, all new this year. They all said they support wired remote speed control. I’ve installed 3 GE Z-wave Fan Control switches so far and all of them work OK, but I’ve noticed something weird.

So far, I can only get the switch to toggle between 2 speeds. For example, if I set the pull chain to the highest speed, the wall switch will let me switch between high and medium, but never low. To be more specific, the switch itself will still say it’s on high, medium, low, but medium and low are the same speed. Similarly, if I change the pull string to be on medium, then the switch puts the fan on low fine, and medium/high settings only put the fan in medium speed.

Has anyone had this issue? Do you just live with it or is there some magic solution? Maybe it’s some weird thing with Hunter fans and they’re not fully compatible with these fan controllers.

What dth are you using? Try this, turn the fan on. Now press and hold the down paddle, like your lowering a dimmer. It will continue to drop. At some point, it should go into low speed. If not, then your fan is actually not compatible with the controller. When you say your fan “supports wired remotes”, what exactly do you mean? Was there a dimmer or rheostat in their before? What is the model of fan?